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DG Stomp, 44.1 or 48? This is weird!

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When I hook my DG Stomp to any one of my three VS-880's I must have the 880 set for 44.1khz in order to record the Stomp digitally, but when I go from the digital outs of the Stomp to an Antares AMM-1 mike modelor the AMM-1 claims to be recieving at 48khz. If I then go from the Antares to VS-880 I still must have the 880 at 44.1khz or it won't "see" it.


Anyone else with a Stomp and a VS notice this?


WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON? Can anybody explain?







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I dont' have a vs880, but I do have the DG Stomp and a yamaha AW4416. The Stomp -> AW4416 link definately runs at 48 khz. Sounds like something with your vs880.


Actually, I wish I could make the Stomp put out 44.1, it would simplify things for me.



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