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Speakers: EV Sentry 100??

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I got a friend who wants to buy some speakers. I guess what he does mostly is to write music, screw with samples (Proteus2000 and a Yamaha sampler), recording a drumkit through basic mics through very basic console, working in DP all the way...


He asked me about the EV Sentry 100 speakers that he can get for $100, but I have never heard of them. Does anyone know what they are and if he's gettin' a good deal, quality- and/or pricewise?





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I think EV stuff of that era is very underrated. I use a pair of Sentry 500s and an old pair of Sentry IIs. I have never owned the Sentry 100s, but I have heard plenty of them. They sound good and flat if you like that. The 100s are good for a small room. If the components are in good shape (no buzzes) and the surround are good, I think that's an okay price. I will never part with my EVs.



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