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Sonar - mostly good

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I'm diggin Sonar except for three items, all of which I've written to Cakewalk support about:


1)After days of goofing with trying to get Tassman to work (I have Sonar XL), it still won't. Any suggestions are appreciated

a)I re-installed the DXi's

b)I installed the new 1.0.1 patch

c)I manually registered the *.dll's listed in the batch file in the FAQ. Tassman player launches in the background, unseen, and when I shut down after registering the dll's, I get "Tassman player not responding", and then that the dll registered successfully. Getting Tassman to work would be great!


2)Quantizing audio doesn't affect the audio. It worked in CW9 beautifully, then one day it stopped working. It says it is working, I can undo it, but missplaced quarter notes (purposely done to test it) weren't moved. The "lyrics and audio" checkboxes are checked.I was hoping the install of Sonar would fix this, but it doesn't work in Sonar either. I wonder if I have to reinstall CW9 to get a feature in Sonar to work? I wouldn't think so, but who knows.


3)When you use a preset name in the plugins, it doesn't retain the preset name when you look at the setting again - you only have the settings. I could understand this if you changes something, but if not, the preset name would help big time if duplicating the same effect on other tracks. Otherwise, I have to save the preset, and then apply it elsewhere, and then have two-three copies of the same presets, just named differently. Ironically, I wrote to the support team back in CWPA9, and was told it was a bug that was fixed in the next release of software. Guess not.


Anyway, back to the original question. I think the UI is better, & better laid out. Although I am still using MME drivers with my 1010, the new features are worth it. I only wish they included 5.1 mixing possibilities!


Download the 1.0.1 patch!


See ya! http://www.musicplayer.com/ubb/smile.gif

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