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What do I need for that Pro Studio Sound!

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Ok! this is what i've got and will be working w/: PC win98, Aureal Vortex 8031 soundcard(don't think it's a pro-sound card !), Sound Forge 4.5, Acid Pro 2, Rebirth 2. Basically I will be working mostly w/ samples and whatever i can squeeze out of rebirth, and i've got a pretty good idea as far as composing, etc. my big concern is sound quality, I want my tracks to have the best sound quality possible and i don't want to spend 6 weeks putting a tune together burn it to cd and realize that it sounds like i'm listening to it on an am transistor radio; (which i have already done w/ i track i put together for an online remix competition). I suposse that my questions are: Where in my set up or mastering process do i achive that "pro sound", "pristine", "digital", etc that you expect from a professional track. Is it the sound card? Do i need some plug-ins to achieve that sound and if so which kind of plug-in and which are my best options?(best and most affordable) ...I guess i should also mention that in the track i worked on the samples used where 16-bit 44.1hz, would that be a factor in the sound quality equation and if so, what size and freq should the samples be? i know this might be a stupid question but would converting the samples to another size/ freq help? I'm almost certain that i probably need some sort of plug-ins but i need to ask if and which type? i realize im asking questions for lengthy answers but i trully appreciate your time and any type of responses and tips you may be able to give me, finally i'd like to add that the type of music i hope to produce is dance/trance and i'd like to ask what kind of plugin would be the best and most affordable to achive sound positioning effect(surround sound)! thanx alot!!



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So many people overlook the fact that "people" give you that "big studio" sound not some miracle software. My advice to you would be to learn your frequecies. Once you know those learn different aspects of how to use compression. Then take on reverb, etc. It takes time and experience to get a pro sound, not a magic plug-in.

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Originally posted by mix2much@excite.com:

It takes time and experience to get a pro sound


I second that opinion completely!


Also add to the list: good experienced musicians. A great room and microphones also helps.




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