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Need help making audio and digital cables

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Craig, is there a book/video/guide available that explains the art of making cabling for Pro Audio? Up to now, I've bought pre-fab or ordered from cable makers but I'd finally like to do this myself( opening up my first recording studio, trying to save $$). I don't know much, except I know I can solder somewhat. Any help with equipment suggestions, materials, tips would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks in advance!!
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I'm not Craig, but I've soldered a gazzillion cables (at least it feels like it!), so here's a few tips:


1 - Neutrik connectors. They're cheap (the XLR ones), super reliable, and seems to fit 99% of all connectors out there. (An XLR plug is not always an XLR plug). I use 'em exclusively, both for 1/4" jack TR & TRS, XLR (AES/EBU as well)and RCA/phono (for S/P-DIF). I especially like their RCA/phono plugs 'cause they connect the ground first. They are however a bit pricey. You can get goldplated XLRs as well, but that's a waste of money.


2 - Cable.. I use Cordial (Mogami like), 'cause it's good, cheap and comes in many funky colours! That is for analog though, for digital I use *ultra high speed video 75/110 ohm yada yada cable*.. If you buy that in a pro/hifi shop it's gonna set you back a grand a foot.. If you buy it from an electronic retailer it's less than a dollar.. same cable.


3 - High quality solder and soldering iron..


4 - Tooooooo much time!


(If you wanna talk *cable sound* don't do it with me, I've gone through it years ago, through them ALL, from silver to conductive plastic to carbon to holy water filled to kryptonite, and in the end moving the mic one degree has a hundred times greater impact... I'm not foolish enough to say I place my mics *perfect* each time..)

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Tools - Lowpower heat adjustable iron. I use a pro Weller, adjustable from 230 to 400 degrees Celcius. 350 degress (roughly) is okay..


Don't use any crimping. It takes for fuckin' ever, and is not necessary, imo.


Wirecutters? The best you can afford. But that's mostly for durability..


I'd like to give you some brand names etc, but I'm on holiday and not back in my lab until friday. Besides I'm in Denmark, Europe, so you might not be able to get those tools in your country..


Patience is a key word, soldering techniques another one..

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Hi Armando,


I'm not sure if any of these goof balls are giving you the answers to your question. I do cables, snakes, D-Subs, Elco's, mic panels and patch bays and then some. If you'd like to e-mail me directly I'll be glad to show you around. We can post the highlights for anyone interested. I can mail you some samples of materials you might be interested in as well. You might want to look at http://www.markertek.com they have good prices on connectors and cable.



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Goofball?? I happen to be a professional audio engineer with a ten year track record.. if I got a cent each time I soldered a cable, I would be a VERY rich man..!!


Armando, *bump*, means bumpin' this thread to the top (by adding a new reply). I did so because another member here asked for DIY cable information.

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