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Reviews "bucket" added to MusicPlayer.com home page

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In case you haven't noticed the home page , we launched a Reviews content area, cutting it up so there are now 5 reviews & 5 lessons. It adds some vertical scrolling so I wanted to get your guys feedback if that makes the page too long.


Mac IE 5.0 users may notice a little alignment problem with 1 of the vertical lines separating the first 2 columns but we're working on that as well as making sure all Mac browsers with the Flash 5.0 plug in get served that little Flash file in the top right, as opposed to the fall back image.


Oh did you guys notice the new Drum forum?

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Originally posted by alphajerk:

did the user reviews section ever happen? i cant find them if they did.


Yes they are live. We've just done a poor job publicizing it. Go to any Review and at the bottom is a link to "Submit Review". You have to be a registered user and be logged in

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