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Better Quality? Behringer or Nady?

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I've been looking to get a pair of Parametric EQ's. I was set on the Behringer PEQ2200, but I just noticed today that Nady has one that is identical spec-wise. I absolutely cannot see any difference feature-wise between the two units.

The only noticable difference is price. I can get the Behringer for $119 or I can get the Nady for $99.

(I also did notice that the Behringer uses surface mount construction and has a five year warranty, the specs for the Nady don't provide this much info.)


Does anybody have any comments on the quality of either companies product?


The main reason I hadn't bought a pair of the Behringer's already is availability. Most of the dealers have told me that Behringer has had distribution problems, so everybody has items backordered. >:

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