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music catt.com vs something my dog just left on the floor...

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Go away, CD.. you're as normal as me ..


In fact we're too normal for this thread.. I mean come on..!!?? A thread about dweeps'n'dogs on a pro forum? Whatever retard started that one.. geez.. the newbies and the trolls.. they come by the truckload these day..


I tell ya, when I was young I had to walk up hill, in snow, just to find a net connection.. kidz with their PlayStation these dayz, dunno what they on about!

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Ok, seriously...


No, for sure I don't blame anyone. He's wellcome to vent his opinions here, but with that attitude, he's not gonna get any respect - from me that is.


I like to learn and I like to teach. I don't like to be told, and I don't preach..


But, could you do me a favour? Every time the phrase *Analogue is the ONLY thing!* or *Digital/PT is the ONLY thing!* or *Mac vs PC* pops up, the poster will be zapped through the mouse with a kilovolt or sumthin'.. must be possible in these days..


Okay, I'll shut up!

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Props to Rob - It's too bad most of the forum people won't get the opportunity to meet him unless they come to a NAMM show, he's a very cool guy and sort of an unsung hero of this site. He's been the one entirely responsible for setting up the forums, and that's the one part that always runs pretty smoothly. He's a guitar player, and not just a "hired gun" webmaster - he actually cares about the type of things we talk about, and I appreciate his involvement on all levels. So, fellow SSSers, next time you log on and have a good time on the forums, think some kind thoughts about Rob.


Okay, back to work.

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Thanks for the props Craig. It makes it all the better to Admin these forums as the topics usually tickle my fancy.


As for the "music@catt.com" dude, I simply invited him to post in these forums even after I was forwarded a message with the subject "Your site doesn't work, and you're webmaster is one nosey sonofabitch!" Guess he didn't like some of the pro-Napster thoughts/articles I was posting.


We exchanged a couple of emails and I simply said that he should post his thoughts here--and boy did he ever do THAT...

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Craig and Rob, Seriously heartfelt props to both of you, and all the moderators that make this such a cool place to hang.


Sometime we do go overboard putting people like cattmandoo in his place. But just think of it as our show of respect for you. Nobody is going to call you "Craigy" on my watch and go away unscaithed.


Now as Mr. Roarke always said:

"Smiles every one, Smiles"!!!

....or was that, "Tattoo, get me a damn Beer"!!!!!!



So Many Drummers. So Little Time...
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