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Cubase PC and Mac translation question

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I've got a friend who uses Cubase 4.1 on the Mac. I'm considering getting Cubase for the PC to make working with him easier. I wanted to know if I could translate a Cubase file (all audio, or MIDI+Audio) I've done on my PC to his Mac for additional mixing, editing and tracking with his Mac. I'd also, if possible, like to go the other way, and take a file tracked on his Mac back to my PC.


Steinberg's literature and a quick search on the web makes it look as if this is possible, but has anyone actually done it? If so, what are the limitations? Can I translate only in one direction? Is it "possible" but extremely difficult? Can I do this if I buy Cubase 5.0 (since 5.0 is a more recent upgrade than 4.1 on the Mac) or should I try to find a copy of the 3.7 version? Do we both need 5.0?


I've looked for a relevant forum in cubase.net, but the server is down. I know there are a lot of Cubase users around, and thought there might be someone with some "real world" experience with this. Thanks.

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My best guess would be that the project's should be able to convert if both are using the same version, but I've yet to try it. If they are not on the same version, then you could probably import projects from the old version to the new, but it might not work going back. The cubase.net forum is back up and running, so you might try over there now as well. Good luck.



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I've tried this with Cubase songs created by my friend using a PC......

I tried to import the shit into a Mac system running Cubase.......

The upshot was...Cubase couldn't find its own audio files.......

I had to import them into Pro Tools and re-build......a complete PITA....

Cubase...the 85% solution!!...


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