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Need some help deciding what to do...

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Well, I'm a 16 year old with a passion for electronica, and its a hobby of mine to compose it...right now, my studio consists of a basic 12 channel mixer, a Numark Pro TT-2 turntable, Roland JX-305 (MC-505 w/ keys), a Roland MC-303, and an old junky Yamaha PSR-220 (I'm thinking about using it as a controller keyboard). Anyhow, I'm in a bit of a rut. I can't decided what piece of equipment to invest in next. I'm thinking either (believe me, this will take all summer for me to work towards) a sampler like an EMU or an Akai, a synth/module like a Novation Supernova, an effects proccesor like a Zoom ???1000/2000, or finally, a sequencer groovebox like an Akai MPC2000XL...so I don't know what to dave up for. I'm totally into the whole live performance thing (I really look up to Underworld. Secondly, I'm wondering if I should invest my cash in another turntable and a DJ mixer to make more cash by DJing (In this case its a problem 'cause I'm 16). Anyway, thanks for hearing me out.

-Scott (DJ Phorc) (www.mp3.com/djphorc)

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This is obviously a tough question, but if you have good chemistry with a groove box, it can really come through in a lot of ways, from generating tracks to just being inspiring. Besides, they generally have effects anyway, so you might forego the processor.


But really, your question is like asking someone to recommend a girlfriend!! The gear you choose will influence much of what you do, and it's a matter of personal taste.

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