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Advantages/Disadvantages of Hiring Production

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Well, the most obvious consideration is "Does the gig pay enough, and is it an important enough gig (big enough) to warrant hiring outside help?". If it's a big club giving you big bucks, and you're playing through that little Peavey 8 channel powered mixer and a couple of homemade columns you had in Jr. high school...then maybe it'd be a wise decision. If you've got a halfassedly decent live rig, and it's just another club, then I'd rethink that.


Nothing is more silly than overkill, in my opinion. Mind you, I'm not talking about showing up prepared for a gig with a good system. I'm talking about like a Madison Square Garden system for the corner tavern. The only thing more silly is underkill...showing up at a top flight club with the Peavey 8 channel powered mixer, etc.

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