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Craig, was it from your past?

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It seems long ago and far away, someone did a piece on a CD available to check your control room monitors, regarding if the room was tuned or outta wank. By chance was that in one of your many columns. If not, does anyone remember such (maybe too long & late a session) before hitting my favorite "reading room." Help!



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Try this site.




Go to the CD Catalog and look for "Various Artists-Jazz and Test"


There are three volumes:


Test 1 is JD037

Test 2 is JD068

Test 3 is JD111


The Test 1 Volume is a "must have" with the LEDR monitor test and other good stuff, but the other two look like worthwile reference CDs also.


I have the Test 1 Volume, but I will be ordering the other two as soon as I finish this post.

miroslav - miroslavmusic.com


"Just because it happened to you, it doesn't mean it's important."

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Hey Miroslav, 'Tanks for the post, but I already ordered that disc just about a week ago. I jus' thought I saw it somewhere about another one. I'll keep searchin', searchin'........




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