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Amplification of home keyboard setup

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I am in the process of setting up a keyboard setup in my living

room. I plan to interface it with cakewalk and Jammer Pro for the

purpose of improving my jazz skills, performing for guests, etc.

I need advice on an amplification system. My main constraints

are for the system to sound great and satisfy the wife factor

(i.e., not be an eye-sore; hence standard keyboard amps are not

my first choice). I plan run the line outputs from my Yamaha

digital piano (which is the only equipment I currently own) and

the output from a Kurzweil PC2R into a Behringer MX-602 mixer. I

then want to output this into a Alesis RA-300 amplifier and into

a pair of Klipsch RF-3 reference series speakers. I also plan

to run the output of the mixer into a Creek OBH-11 headphone

amplifier and Sennheiser 580 headphones for late-night

practicing. Any comments on this setup? Will all this equipment

work together? Also, any suggestions on what quality of cables I

should use? Thanks for any help you can provide.



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