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Anyone using the Tascam US-428?????

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I have one, but am running it on a PC. Valkyriesound's the Mac / US-428 expert around here... if she doesn't get back to you I'll drop her an email and point her in this direction.



It's a great device. Sound quality of the converters (24 bit) is quite nice. MIDI works fine for me. There's no phantom power, but you can always get an external supply for that if you need to use condenser mics with it, and they're pretty cheap.



There's been some driver / software issues with the PC side of things, but I've heard of very few issues with the Mac side. (Typical!) Tascam IS doing all they can to stay on top of things, and they've been really good about driver updates, etc.


Hope this helps.



Phil O'Keefe

Sound Sanctuary Recording

Riverside CA


email: pokeefe777@msn.com

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Hi Cid! I guess my best buddy Phil has already

introduced me! http://www.musicplayer.com/ubb/biggrin.gif


I use the US-428 on a G4 dual 533, a compaq (read as

piece 'o shit) laptop, and a custom PC desktop.


On the MAC the US-428 kicks a##!

I've had no problems so far and I'm running

OS 9.1.


Some questions for you...


What software were you planning on using?

How many tracks do you want to be able to record

at the same time (would you be able to get by

with 2 or would you really need all 4 of the

US-428 inputs at the same time?)


Have you done any computer recording before?


If not, know that there is a large learning curve.

If you work at it, you will get there.

With the US-428 you need to get both OMS

and usually FreeMIDI working together (depending

on your app)... Working with OMS can be hard at

times but this is an issue that goes for ANY piece

of audio hardware... it's not limited to the US-428.


Before you install anything download the V2 drivers

from the Tascam site and read all the PDF documents

carefully! Go to the on-line forum and search for the

order to install eveything in.... that's the big key

on Mac set-up.... the order.


Phil and I are on the Tascam BBS a lot....

Just drop a note there if you are having any



Hope that helps..


Valkyrie Sound:




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Hey Valky.....Thanks for the response.....

No...I haven't done any computer audio recording. I've been using cubasis for the past few years though, running my keys and modules.

I was hoping to upgrade to the audio capable version of cubasis, or maybe just jump to the "pro" version. I was also thinking of downloading pro tools free from the digidesign site.

As far as inputs...I am using a mackie mixer, so i could come out of that into the Tascam, I guess.

I'm still undecided when it comes to recording...the computer or a stand alone recorder like the Roland or Boss?....A friend of mine is purchasing the Boss BR-8....nice machine, with nice effects...but the 100mb zip disk is kind of an issue with me.....Just curious...how many songs, using all 8 tracks could be stored on a 100mb zip?

Anyway, thanks for your response.....and any additional resonses.....

see ya

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