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vst 2.0 Atari manual

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>>i know it in theory, but i'm not able...damn! Can u help me?<<


Not sure on the details, but the general procedure is like this.


First you have to set the QY 10 for external clock. Hopefully it can still record when set to an external clock. Also you need it to respond to start/stop messages. Most MIDI gear will as soon as you switch to external clock.


Now go into record mode and press play on the Atari. It will send MIDI over to the QY 10, which will get recorded into whichever track is enabled. To keep from putting lots of tracks onto the same channel, mute all but one track on the Atari when transferring, and transfer one track at a time. Also, you may need to slow the tempo way down when transferring to keep the timing accurate.

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