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phase cancelling problems:how do i avoid them?

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i've just finished recording a band.for the first time ever.

the band in question is a jazz three piece.for the drummer i've used a pair of AKG C1000's as overheads using the "spaced pair" technique.

the stereo imaging was pretty accurate,but in some parts of the execution the drummer played the hi-hat and the stereo image just collapsed.i was hearing the hi hat on both sides of my monitor.it sounded lame.

is there a specific mic placement rule by which you can avoid phase cancelling?

please,forgive my bad english...see,i'm italian...

by the way,this forum is HEAVEN.


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thanks for yr answer...it was probably the reflections on the walls that ruined it all...the room was very small.

sorry for my ignorance,but what do you mean by IMO?

and,please,tell me why you don't like the c1000'S.you see,i'm just getting started in the project studio and so i appreciate all kinds of opinions...they help me to learn...

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IMO = in my opinion

Regarding the C1000s, I guess I don´t like most of AKGs (cheaper) mikes...

I´d try MBHO which are something similar in price but MUCH better IMO.

I did a live PA job once where all the C1000s were picking up signals from a nearby radio station, all other mikes were quiet (including other condensers). I also find them to sound really harsh...



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