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Question Of Knowledge/Competence/Credibility?

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Have any of you had experiences where a boss, a subordinate, client or maybe just some of your close, &/or distant associates question your knowledge/competence-/credibility in a certain area. How do you all deal with such skepticism especially when it's unfounded. Do you just brush it aside, or do you commence to torching em'? I find that chilling, & letting results speak for themselves does best at putting these types of cat's on ice. Then after the fact it's like "Oh I always believed in you", or "I knew you could pull it off". That's why I admire cat's like

Dr. Dre'. A few years back everyone had his music career assesed as being written off permanently. Then he came back and blew everybody away. Now one of his artist's is up for "Record Of The Year" at "The Grammy's", or something like that. Drama situation #2-cats' dippin out on P Diddy. But cat still rolls non-stop like the only thing holding him back out of his day is the time being wasted that's spent in court takin' away from time better spent networking, or pumping new tracks out. Got my admiration again. Performance under fire. Another situation is this local cat who's been producing around the way for a while. He works on some projects. They bomb, & then he comes back with a string of #1 hits. He does a little "Ghost Writing/Producing" to keep his touch, then slams the charts once again. Almost like he pulls a hit out da box at will. But you should hear peeps opinions rock back, & forth while his production career goes through these success failure swings. What's up with these nay sayers that are so judgemental? Comments please?


Quantum! C/O



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Although, the "Who cares what anyone else thinks" doesn't work when you're talking about your livelihood, and a client's not sure that you have what it takes. That's why it is important to have a track record, and if you don't have an extensive track record, the ol' "money back (or part of money back or whatever) if not satisfied" can be one way of establishing something. Take the risk out of it for them. Just an idea...flame away.
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I guess this is why building yourself up in Jazz chops is called 'Woodshedding' - very evocative of getting away from everyone to develop your competency and be unhindered by those dilletantes who wish to question it. . . the only thing that makes you look better than aptitude is if those surrounding you are INept ; thus, it's often easier to knock someone down successfully than it is to lift yourself up.


Also, woodshedding keeps you out of trouble (Mr. Daddy - that means you too) . . . no one to take you to court in the back lot (although I suppose that depends on how loud you practice).

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At the risk of sounding like a shrink ...


What we see most times in others is a direct reflection of what we see in ourselves. Others are our mirrors into our own behaviour.


Perhaps when someone questions us, it is because we either question ourselves, or are not as confident as we would like others to think we are.


As a previous poster mentioned, albeit more pointed, it really doesn't matter what someone else thinks ... what matters is what we think about what we're saying.


If their questioning causes you to question your ability, then who is the problem?


Best suggestion I can offer is to be certain of that which you speak, and don't waste time or words justifying it. And remember, there are always people who will ask questions of multiple people until they find someone that provides them the answer they are looking for, be it "right" or "wrong."

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I did (and still do) a lot of stuff on spec...in other words, I'll offer to do something, no strings attached. If they like it, fine, and they pay. If they don't, no hard feelings, and no pay.


And whenever I've offered stuff for sale, it has always had an unconditional money back guarantee. I've gotten very few returns, even for music (under 10).

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