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Acid recording from vegas?

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First let me say thanks - to all of you who have given me input and help with vegas problems! I wait FOREVER to hear back from sonic foundry on anything - so it is nice to have a bunch of pros like you guys who can answer questions that should have been in the manuals to start with!!!!


Ok enough rant - after they had to email me the Virtual Midi Router that was supposed to be included with Vegas - - (sorry more ranting) I am trying to get Acid and Vegas to sync with each other. I can get it to work sort of (still not the way it should) - but my main question is how can I record my acid loops into vegas? There isnt a direct way on the "record inputs" screen. I would think this is a fairly common thing so there must be a way. If you have any info on this let me know - Otherwise I will just be whiling away the hours growing old waiting to hear from SF.

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Go to the file menu in Acid, choose export. Export each track as a seperate file, save this in the folder of your choice.


In Vegas, in the file menu choose "open", open files from your folder. You can do this with the entire Acid project at once. If you set the tempo the same in vegas the snap to grid will line up just fine.


I'm no hot shot at the computer thing but this works for me.


Good luck, Roscoe

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