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Equipment racks

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Looking for some sources of realistically priced studio racks.


What I am intersted in is 16-20 space sloped racks (w/wheels, but can add my own).


So far I have found a few sources BUT:


a) made from knock down, fake wood, laminated particle board crap...and way too expensive for the quality.




b) very high end quality and very ridiculous, million dollar studio, "nose bleed" prices.


I can build my own from good solid wood at a fraction of the cost of the laminated shit, but I just didn't want to spend time on that exercise.


Anyone know of anything in between...good solid wood quality at "sea level" prices???


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I have two black "cheesy", I guess, particle board racks. 12 over 8 slant racks from Raxxess http://www.raxxess.com/er_34_inch.html


They work great and with a bunch of nice gear loaded in there, you never even see the rack. They've been holding up great. You only notice the particle board when you assemble them.


I got one from Mars several yrs ago for $99 and the last from from Sweetwater for around $130.

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