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Balanced/Unbalanced Cables


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I'm adding patchbays to my studio. Since I have to purchase quite a number of cables, do I really need balanced cables going from my Mackie 24/8 to the patchbay and from the patchbay going to the Roland VS1680 and my Computer(Layla interface). Certainly, I need balanced cables coming from and going to my balanced effect units and dynamic processors, don't I? Thank you all for your advice. Dan.
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Here's another view that I have heard but please jump in and correct if necessary:


A big professional studio with long cable runs must use balance but for the typical home studio with very short runs unbalanced is fine. Something like George L's work very well.


Any comments, please?

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You can run unbalanced cables for about 6 - 10 feet without too many issues. But only high quality shielded cable. Not Hosa.


You definately would be wasting your time and money using balanced cables on unbalanced equipment. Chances are that there is more unbalancing going on than just the i/o's! However, if you're like the rest of us out here, you'll eventually upgrade to balanced gear anyway...


Make it a priority to buy the best cable you can, whatever format(s) you decide on, because you'll just end up buying it later. Buy enough that you can leave your gear hooked up all the time. There will be less end strain. Don't forget to organize all cables and don't step on them! If you do opt for the cheap cables a few steps will kill 'em deader than uh... deader than a dead guy or something.



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