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Amplifying Piano and Organ

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We just put a new sound system in our church auditorium and need to find out the best possible way to amplify our piano and organ. The auditorium holds 240 people with about 80-100 on an average Sunday. The organ is one of those Hammonds with the hokey rhythyms. There is a wall behind the piano which the sound hits before it does anything else. If you need more info to help with suggestion, please ask.

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Without a doubt the way to go is a boundary microphone. Also known as a

PZM [Crown Industries]. The lowest priced mic of this type is available

at Radio Shack [$49.95] All you have to do is hang the mic against that

wall of yours. That will cover the organ. For the piano, place it on

the inside of the top. On a grand piano, you can leave the top open, and

it still works great The mic has a standard 1/4" plug. I have had a lot

of success and great sound in my own church and auditorium w/this type

of set-up. Good Luck!

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