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I have the mackie 1202vlz and 32/8, Presonus MP20, Art Tube MP and last but not least the BlueTube. The Blue tube sounds great on bass as a direct box. It also sounds pretty good on an acoustic guitar(tighter bass then the Art) but does have a bit of a noise floor problem(as does the ART). It has a very good distortion character. You can dial it in smoothly. I haven't tried it on electric but it would excel there I am sure.

I would not mail order one of these because in the first unit I got, one channel was way hotter than the other one. Took it back and the new one is good. It is a very useful character box and is a nice addition to the detailed sound of the Mackies and the MP20. Well worth 150 clams.


Note: Can be used as an active splitter as well since the XLR and the 1/4" can be used at the same time. With the phase reversal this is a bit of a swiss army thing.




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