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Someone just handed me a tape with some original music on it and they want me to restore it...I just downloaded Soundforge5.0 and don't know where to begin..The music and tape sound pretty good but the highs are kind of dull now and there is a lot of tape hiss any recomendations you can give would be helpful..Thanks in advance.
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First, transfer it to digital and work on that. The cassette will deteriorate the more you play it.


Use Sonic Foundry's noise reduction plug-in to take a "noiseprint" of the hiss, then remove as much hiss as possible, consistent with not messing up the sound.


You may not be able to restore the highs through EQ. Something like the Steinberg Spectralizer, which synthesizes higher frequency harmonics, might be a better choice. It's kind of like an Aphex Aural Exciter type of thing.


Restoration is a very difficult art, and there are many tradeoffs involved. This is not something I'd recommend as a casual weekend project, but you'll learn a lot trying to whip that puppy into shape.

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