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Audio Computers BEST

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Ok this is my first post!!! I need help and quick!! I'm about to put together a Computer specifically for A/V work. I'm thinking of using an AMD 1000MHZ processor and an AUSU KT133A Raid as the foundation of the system. Thing is the board has some kinda AC7 on board sound,(AMR) i've had bad experience with on-board audio. Any advice on these??? The board is the only one that seems to really work with the processor properly. Of course the cost is the determining factor.
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The motherboard makes a major difference in a computer's effectiveness for digital audio. Check out the article on this site for more info.


I use a Q Performance Systems computer that was created specifically for making music. It has been wonderfully trouble-free, very smooth and responsive...it's based on an overclocked Celeron A running at 850 MHz, with 256 MB of RAM.


I generally shy away from onboard sound, it can be a problem. Although some people don't like Intel because of their Bigness (and let's face it, AMD's star is on the rise), the combination of an Intel processor and Intel motherboard works well. I'd suggest calling/e-mailing the companies whose software you plan to use, and ask if they know of any compatibility issues with AMD, and whether they have any recommendations.

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