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which synth?

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getting together a mac based studio. I really need help in choosing the right synth. I don't really need any real sequencing features since i have Logic to do that. given this, what would be a good bet at up to $2000? I have some software synths, and I need a good keyboard (at least 76) with pro sounds.

thank you ever so much


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It's a very personal choice. You MUST go out to stores and play some to get an idea. A few ideas would be the Yamaha S80 or CS6x, Korg Triton, Alesis QS8, Kurzweil K2500, or any of a number of Roland synths. These are all sample playback synths that can produce a wide variety of sounds. Specialized units like the Roland JP-8000, Alesis Andromeda, Waldorf Q, or nord lead may not be suitable as your one and only keyboard, because they (a) only make one type of sound, and (b) are not full featured controllers.


Please check the discussions over at the Keyboard site for more ideas. Good luck!

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The K2500 and the Korg Triton will cost more than $2K. In that price range i'd look at a used K2000 ($750), a Roland JV1080 ($500), and an Alesis DM Pro($500-600). That would give you lots of great sounds and a good drum module. Assuming you have the computer already so you can sample in there. The K2000 has a SCSi port to interface with the computer for sample playback.
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Originally posted by cm:

thanks everyone. so far I've been looking ay the xp-80, and it looks like it would be good for me, even though i'm buying all that sequencing power i don't really need.


If you really don't want the sequencer, you don't have to pay for it.


You could get Roland's A33 76 key controller and a JV1080 for a whole bunch less than you'll spend on the XP80.


You could probably even find a decent used 76 key synth (JV90, Quadrasynth Plus) to go with the 1080 and not only save a bunch of $$$, but get extra polyphony as well.




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In my view the a33 is a better keyboard. It is feels like better quality. However the XP80 has four sliders (to the a33's one?), an arpeggiator, etc.


Another option to look out for as a tone module is the JV1010, which is only $400, has the identical synth engine to the JV1080 and contains one of the expansion boards as well. So what do you lose? there are only two (stereo) outs, and there is absolutely no front panel editing... you have to use a software editor(comes with it). Many people find this a nuisance.


If you plan to do midi sequencing you will need the extra outs, due to the limitation of the internal efx. If you plan to overdub into your audio recorder (or hard drive), you may not.


Hope this helps,



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