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Universal Audio PCI card?????

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In the wee hours this morning I'd swear I read a post on this forum by a Universal Audio employee describing a PCI card that they hope to release in February that supports their own SW versions of the 1176LN and LA-2A. The post seemed to be explicit in clarifying that this new product was not associated with the bomb factory plugs of same name. A few minutes later, when I wanted to re-read the post, I am unable to locate it by a search of terms I recalled from the post. Anyway does anyone remember seeing this post that might be able to re-direct me to it. Thanks, I must be experiencing brain cramp or an overactive imagination.



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Sorry folks, this is something I saw on the Nuendo forum. The following post is copied from Dave's post on WWW.nuendo.com user forum. Note that the Feb date is for info arriving on their site, not the product release.




A post was recently submitted about our DSP card, the UAD-1, announced at NAMM. While we very much appreciate the attention, we must announce are in no way collaborating with Bomb Factory. We are going to release versions of our 1176LN and LA-2A compressors that take into account many of the other components that make up the classic LA-2A and 1176LN sound, not just the compression characteristics.


More information about the card will be available on our website (www.uaudio.com) in February.









Dave Crane

Product Specialist

Universal Audio, Inc

Kind of Loud Technologies





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More info from Universal Audio on the UAD-1. This thing may ruffle some feathers.



Hello Bill,


Thanks for your interest in the UAD-1. This card will be available in the VST / PC environment in its first release.


To give you a litte info, the card is very powerful, and it is a single, proprietary processor. Right now it looks to be about 3 times more powerful than a Pro Tools Mix card or the TC Elelctronic Powercore. Since plug-ins running on the UAD-1 are not limited to running on one of a number less-powerful DSP chips, we can have plug-ins that are so comprehensive that they cannot run on any other system since they would lack the power. This means more realistic and superior sounding reverbs and compressors, since there are really no DSP limitations with the UAD-1. Multiple UAD-1 cards can be used in a system. The price is $795 which includes RealVerb Pro, EQ, dynamics, and modulation delay plug-ins. It should be shipping in April.


Warm Regards,



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Interesting that after all the native mania, special-purpose DSP cards are coming back. Maybe Digidesign had the right idea all along, eh?


The downside is that any software that wants to run on it will need a revision. If a bunch of these cards become popular, it's going to be a major burden on software suppliers to support them all.


It seems as long as software companies have the capability to push the software envelope, they'll need better hardware to run the more sophisticated software.

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I find that native (NUENDO) takes me all the way when it comes to the track counts I need. However, compared to the outboard limiters and reverbs (Teletronix, UREI, EMT, Lexicon, AMS) that I am accustomed to working with, NO plug-ins have it nailed so far. Universal audio has shown that they are interested in providing the quality that professionals are accustomed to with the recent LA-2A and 1176LN. If they respond in kind with the UAD-1 (or more importantly, with the plug-ins they write to run on the UAD-1) I'll be a happy camper. I'm hoping that the research they put in to re-create the vintage units they have already done, will help then to be able to provide plug-ins that really does emulate the original gear.


Sounds like a lots more power for the $ than a digi DSP farm card. We'll just have to wait and see what they come up with.



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can't cut and paste the picture, but...


Powered Plug-Ins Pro


The first Powered Plug-Ins bundle



Powered Plug-Ins are nothing short of a revolution for native workstation users: Plug-ins that come with their own power source - an ultra high-capacity DSP card.


The Powered Plug-Ins Pro bundle gives the native user a fully professional suite of plug-ins including EQ, compression, mod/delay and feature our acclaimed RealVerb Pro reverb as well as the Powered Plug-Ins DSP card. The benefit is immediate: increased instances and complex sessions with no degradation to the host processor.


Powered Plug-Ins appear as normal host-based plug-ins and run concurrently with your other third-party plug-ins.


Initially available for the Steinberg VST/Windows platform, Universal Audio plans to offer Powered Plug-Ins for other native workstations and the Macintosh OS in the near future. Powered Plug-Ins: Coming in April, 2001.


Powered Plug-Ins Pro


The first Powered Plug-Ins bundle will include:


RealVerb Pro our award-winning and highly regarded reverb plug-in

Vintage Compressors, authentic emulations of our 1176 and Teletronix LA-2A analog compressors

EQ-1 Five band Parametric Equalizer plug-in

CS-1 Compressor plug-in

MD-1 Modulation and Delay plug-in

UD-1 PCI DSP card

Powered Plug-ins Pro will debut in stores this April for just $995.






Seems like one possible answer to plug-in piracy.

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