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Cakewalk Console automation problems

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Does anyone know if the soundcard has anything to do with the way console automation is handled with Cakewalk Pro Audio 8 in the WIN NT4.0 environment ????

I have a problem with simple snapshots...



I may change a one fader level at the 2 minute mark in a song. And this may be the only thing that I change in the song... Well, if I continue to listen to the song (playback only), eventually Dr. Watson pops up and I lose my mix.. I have a 400mhz PII, 192megs ram, so I figure that I have enough processing power, because I can run several effects simultaneously on several tracks... But when I get to a simple snapshot or pan movement, cakewalk 8 just trips out...


That is the reason why I wonder whether my sound card has anything to do with the way automation is handled... If so, I may need to upgrade to a soundcard that can handle whatever info may be sent from cakewalk to the soundcard... Thanks... http://www.mp3.com/soulsity



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I would bet anything that the problem isn't your soundcard. Windows NT was never my friend. I have no problem with snapshots crashing on windows 98se or ME. You have plenty of horsepower in your machine. Dr. Watson is generally a software conflict.

Glenn Halldorson


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