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Lawson L-47 MP mic......Is it as good as I read?

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In the perpetual search for gear that will give me better than I'm getting currently, I was looking to add a vocal mic. I started reading reviews and the BLUE Mouse and Blueberry seemed to be viable candidates, and then I ran into some reviews on the Lawson L-47 tube mic. Since it's a factory direct, I have no way of hearing one. The reviews I read were among the best I've ever read about a product. I thought I'd ask you folks if anyone has actually had experience with this mic before seriously considering plunking down almost $2k. Current setup, if this helps, is a Digi001/Protools LE setup on a Mac G4 450, Avalon 737SP, Great Rivers MP2, and Joe Meek V1SQ preamps, and Shure KSM32 and an ADK tube mic. Your words of wisdom (or otherwise) are most appreciated.
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I don't own one, but I used one for several sessions I had a few months ago.


The scene was three different female vocalists doing a combination Martina McBride and Dixie Chicks/SheDaisy-styles of music. It was used primarily for lead vocals, but we also used it in combination with an AKG 414B-ULS modified by Audio Upgrades. The AKG was only used for backup vocals.


We ran the Lawson into a DW Fearn preamp with a Manley Stereo Electro-Optical compressor. It was smoooottthhhhh. Rich and present, but not overly bright.


I don't recall if the signal chain for the 414 was identical. We may have used an API 312 preamp instead of the Fearn. We did use the other side of the Manley compressor.


I salivated for that mic (Lawson). It was richer-sounding than the 414 - by a lot. The 414 still had a telltale "AKG" signature to it, even though the Jim Williams' mod removes the transformer and upgrades other components, which smooths out the top end and tightens up the low end.


The Lawson also "looks" great - It's big, with a high quality finish and a gold-color that impressed the client, AND it sounded smooth, rich, present and fat. The vocals sat in the mix with virtually no EQ. I've never had that experience with a 414 of any kind.


Although some say you shouldn't use a tube mic with a tube preamp, I think the Lawson/Fearn/Manley all-tube combo sounded great. I can't think of any negatives...only positives, like the bonus of having the remote pattern selector in the control room while the mic was in the studio.


Well, I guess if I had to find something negative, I'd say it probably wouldn't be the best hi-hat mic (too big). It may not work well on Sax or harmonica... http://www.musicplayer.com/ubb/wink.gif, but it's a great vocal mic.


I wouldn't hesitate to buy one if I had a spare $2K. I believe Lawson has a money-back guarantee up to 15 days or something. Gee, I wish I got some sort of kick-back on rambling on about these mics - but I don't.


If I had the 47MP and an M-149 (or an ELAN 251), I think I could almost die happy...well, then there's the GML stuff... http://www.musicplayer.com/ubb/smile.gif




Larry W.


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Larry W.
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