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Hello all,

I'm considering buying a PC laptop for my business. So...is there an inexpensive way to record digital audio and midi on it? (It is primarily for composing and producing demos, *not* a final procduct).

Thanks to all of you experts out there!

Tom Bitondo


Nord Electro 5D, Modal Cobalt 8, Yamaha upright piano, numerous plug-ins...

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There are plenty of ways. The main issue is what level of audio quality you want. Something like the Digigram VX Pocket (works with the PCMCIA slot) gives you better I/O than what you would get from the usual audio connections, but depending on the model, even internal audio isn't bad. This is particularly true with Macintosh PowerBooks.


Just about any software that will run on a desktop in native mode (i.e., no particular DSP cards required) should work on a laptop. I know plenty of people who run Acid, Cubase, Cakewalk, Wavelab, etc. on a laptop.


If you have any more specific questions, post away.

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Hey Craig, what are you using for a laptop setup these days? I'm a raft guide and I'd like to make clean recordings without plugging in to AC. I should say that I've been a fan ever since I rewired my strat copy back in high school with your Electronic Projects for Musicians at hand.



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