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computer recording on the cheep.

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i have an AMD athlon 750MHz with 160MB RAM. i'm a registered cakewalk user who is upgrading to pro suite.

right now i have a midiman dman 2044 and a soundblaster AWE64 (for cd listening and crappy MIDI).

i want to upgrade my system by getting either a digital mixer or a software controller, a keyboard and MIDI interface, and new soundcard. since i don't record commercially, it's self-funded with a budget around $2500 for the whole deal.

things i'm looking at:

mixer--fostex VM200, roland VM3100 pro

software controller--tascam 428, event ez bus

MIDI--midiman midisport USB

keyboard--yamaha c2sx, alesis qs6.1, korg x5d

sound--echo mona/gina24, aardvark aark24.


does anyone know anything about these products or have any recommendations? the only specific question i have is if anyone knows if the fostex VM200 uses MMC to control software or any other MIDI devices?

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As you're looking to do things on the cheap, have you checked out the concept of using the StudioMix controller to handle your mixdown? At that point, then all you really need is a simple mixer for routing outs and ins, and a good set of converters to go with your (preferably digital) sound card.
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