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I could really use some help picking CD-R equipment...

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My friend is putting together a studio that will involve synths/samplers, efx, a mixer, etc. all run by Cubase. To that effect, I'm helping him assemble an Athlon 1GHz system w/ 256MB RAM & a motherboard that has an integrated ATA-100 controller. Right now I'm planning to get him an IBM 45GB 7200rpm ATA-100 hard drive.

The big questions I have invovle two things: first of all, SCSI vs. IDE. Is it necessary any more to get SCSI on a hard drive or CD-Burner? IDE has become fast enough that it seems to me SCSI is no longer necessary for the hard drive on this sort of system (we're not doing a RAID either). However, I'm less convinced about a CD-R on SCSI vs. IDE. I know that I've heard many people complain of buffer underruns with IDE burners, and that could be a major problem for a CD-R in a studio computer.

So, for that reason, I've been scoping out SCSI CD-R's and controller cards. My friend is currently planning to get a Tascam CD-R Deluxe package. It includes a TEAC CD-R (6x write), an Adaptec controller card and software that "provides 24 bit/96 kHz capabilities with advance real-time processing." (quote from the Tascam web site) However, I found that an HP SCSI CD-R at 12x and a better Adaptec controller could be purchased for less. That said, the HP has different bundled software. After looking at the HP web site, I doubt that their bundled software supports that high of a bit depth/sampling rate, and I also doubt it has real time processing. So, then, the question becomes, if I choose the HP or go with an IDE CD-R, can I find reasonably inexpensive software that will perform these functions? I could really use some professional advice! http://www.musicplayer.com/ubb/smile.gif

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Check out my response to your questions under my "gear questions" post, and thanks for replying to MY questions! Oh, one more thing I didn't put on my reply: I think CD Architect is about $399.00 list, but it doesn't support high bit rate CD's, maybe Wavelab does, but if he's going to be sending them off for duplication, that's a non-issue - he'll need to make the CD's 16 bit and at a 44.1 KHz sample rate.



Phil O'Keefe

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