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Are we about to make a major leap forward?

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I was chatting with an academic the other day who told me of a CSIRO (our gov research centre) project where they bought 100 PCs at $1200 each and strung them all together.


I understand that the result was a computer as fast and efficient as a multi-million dollar Cray for $120,000. (sorry searched for info but couldn't find it)


We are still only playing with computer toys in the music biz. Our use of tracks, sample rates, bit depth, pluggins etc is still governed by the speed of our computers yet if we had a superfast Cray type system the sky could be the limit.


For example compare the Soundforge Time/stretch programme with Prosoniq Timefactory. The SF will process the track in 3 - 5 minutes and has glitches in it. The Prosoniq takes 30min and is cool. It's just a matter of computing power.


If we were to suddenly have the power of a Cray at our disposal for around $120,000 look out!




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"i wonder if a ufo crashed in my yard if i could tell the govt to fuck off, they cant have it?"


Sure, you could tell 'em. I'd stick up for you too. Then Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith would show up, look all cool, and then after the little flashy thing went off we'd be left wondering where the time goes and whose turn is it to get the beer, anyway?

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i remember like it was yesterday getting my 2400 baud modem to access the bbs' quicker [to get illegal games... piracy has been around a lot longer than napster] i remember watching a crane drop a 1GB drive through a hole in the roof of my dads office since it was far too big to get through the door. i remember getting my 486/66 thinking it smoked and my first color scanner [4 pass] for $700 thinking it was the deal of a lifetime. i remember telling bands that people would be able to DL their music anywhere in the world. i think weve already taken some pretty big leaps.


in another 20 years, there will be some awesome things happening. and the computer will look nothing like it does today.



"if god is truly just, i tremble for the fate of my country" -thomas jefferson

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I used to work for Chevron Oil Field Research Co. years ago (late '80's - early '90's) and we had a Cray. Very fast for certain things but it took up an entire room and was a cast iron BI*CH to program (FORTRAN / COBAL). Then we got our first parallel processor - ran UNIX, was the size on a small fridge, and for certain things, it SMOKED the Cray, and it cost considerably less.


Howdya like to be the NSA and have 11 acres of supercomputers? Hmmm, if only there was a way to network all of that and break down tasks into discrete elements and run Pro Tools on it... Hey, I can DREAM, can't I? http://www.musicplayer.com/ubb/smile.gif


Phil O'Keefe

Sound Sanctuary Recording

Riverside CA http://members.aol.com/ssanctuary/index.html

email: pokeefe777@msn.com

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