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I'm looking for a good turntable. Looking for a product where a lot of thought has been put into arm weight in conjunction with the quality of the stylus. What would you guys recommend?


And I looked for an equipment board here, the general board was as close as I could get. If this ain't a good question to ask here, where would you look? I checked epinions.com, no section for turntables.


Putting the price ceiling at $350.


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If you're considering used ones too...Pioneer PL518's are direct drive. Stylus weight is fully adjustable, and, are adaptable to any cartridge. They are a good, versatle unit.


They're bulletproof. If it runs when you check it out, it's a safe buy!


The only disadvantage is they aren't usable for 78rpm records.

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actually, sl1200's aren't really all that good sounding compared to what you can get for the same price, provided you're after decent sound and not the ability to drunkenly backcue records and still make it through a dj set flub free.


not that 1200's sound BAD. but you can certainly get a more 'audiophile' sound at the same price point. not that i'll be spinning out on those models anytime soon.


judson snell www.slangmusicgroup.com

judson snell

slang music group

chicago, il

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