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lower end compressors

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looking at these compressors:


1 Nady CL-5000 2 CH. ($100.00) or

2 Presonus Blue Maxs ($280.00) or

1 ART Dual Levelar 2 CH. ($269.00)


These three I can find used or in my budget (cheap)

The intended application is to even out the mix on a female duet that has one powerful voice and a weaker one, and to compensate for a singer that has poor mic technique (and a hard head) Even at this low $$ end I hope to get some warmth and little noise - What do you say?

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FMR Audio RNC1773 Compressor (Craig, you loved it, so back me up here!) $200.00



I also have a Blue Max, and it's pretty good too, and if you have had little experience with compression the presets might help you get started. For some reason compression is hard for some (a lot of) people to grasp at first.


I'd stay away from the Nady.


Just my .02 cents worth.



Phil O'Keefe

Sound Sanctuary Recording

Riverside CA http://members.aol.com/ssanctuary/index.html

email: pokeefe777@msn.com

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That makes the second warning away from Nady, hmmm a hundred bucks for two channels of compression, maybe that is *too* low for even the low end!

If I went by marketing hype, it would be the presonus, what they claim is what I want, I am just too cynical to believe it. So your input is heartening.


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>>FMR Audio RNC1773 Compressor (Craig, you loved it, so back me up here!) $200.00<<


No problem backing you up. The RNC is a fabulous compressor that also works GREAT with program material (where most cheapo compressors fall down), as well as individual tracks. Joe Bob says check it out. You won't be disappointed.

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presonus makes wonderful sounding albeit cheap gear. i have and love the acp22 in my compressor rack, its the bigger brother to the blue max-same curcuitry more features.


i paid $370 for it a few years back.


be careful- compression is a touchy science-


remember; if you have never played trumpet before and you go out and buy an inexpensive one, your not going to compete with dale herseth anytime soon.

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I just got a Presonus ACP22 to replace a dilapidated Alesis compressor. I've put a few older badly recorded track through it and it does a fabulous job. There is no colour to the music at all, just good clean compression, but wait! Theres more!! It is the quietest compressor I've ever owned! And all this for under 300.00, actually Presonus is lowering the price to around 269.00 after the shows in January but Brook Mays music sold it to me for that price now so hey, why not. Like I said, no colour, quiet and affordable, what more can you ask in a piece of equipment.


Good luck




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In my studio I use:

1 Drawmer 1969

1 Crainsong STC 8

1 Distressor

1 Tube Tech LCA2b

2 DBX 160 vu

3 RNC 1773

The RNC easily sits beside compressors 15 times its value. Dont get me wrong, it wont replace them but it is a......uh.....really nice compressor.

Go to deja.com and type "rnc compressor", then narrow the search to rec.audio.pro, you will find many praises from guys who know.

Sorry, am I going on and on? For me this is a no brainer. RNC


Happy Holidays, Roscoe

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>>Just looking at the RNC on Fletcher's website. I notice the SuperNice button. Is this essentially a hard-knee/soft-knee toggle? <<


Conceptually, yes, but it's far more sophisticated. This mode layers three stages of gentle compression in series, which gives a highly compressed signal, but without the artificiality...it's a cool trick.

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Here is another enthusiastic endorsement for the Really Nice Compressor. I just got it and have really liked it. My only comparison is to the Alesis 3630 (sucks the tone out) and Art LeVelar (limited controls).


The RNC is transparent and very consistent (what you see is what you get).


I laid down a lead guitar last night at 6 to 1 and it sounded better on playback than it did live (balancing the double stops with the single notes).


I got mine from Lord Valve for $175. Actually, my mother-in-law gave me one for Xmas.


I also used it in a mixdown as an insert as I comp'd between two vocal tracks for the final vocal. Worked like a charm.

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I presented the question of the RNC to Jim, a tech for Alan Holdsworth, which owns a guitar shop here in Dallas. His concern was Phasing between the three compressors. Although I can't repeat exactly what he said in technical terms, he still pushed the Presonus ACP22 as the best sounding and best electronics compressor under a thousand dollars.


So I managed to listen to both side by side. The Presonus in any mode by far exceed the sound from the RNC. Mind you I do like the sound of the RNC, the ACP22 excells beyond it at a hundred dollars more.


I bought the ACP22.



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I'll probably get heat for this one, but the Behringer Musticom is a good, transparent comp. Four channels for well under $300.00.

It's been tested in the broadcast facility that I work for, and was much cleaner than the BSS and Drawmer 4 channel comps, at a 1/3 of the price.

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Phil & Craig & anyoneusingit,

the RNC - what 're you using it for ?

In the first place ?

What are its special qualities ?

What can't it do?



I have two RNCs, and I use them for vocals and bass in SuperNice mode, and for squishing ambient room mics when recording drums in Regular Mode. For the above two purposes, it excels admirably. For the latter, it's pretty darn good, although it's pretty damn hard to beat the EL-8 Distressor for things like this.


As Craig described, the SuperNice mode is basically three compressors in series, creating a gentler overall compression.


It's a $200 compressor that sounds much better than its looks and price tag would indicate. It's fairly clean. It does not compress (squish...nuke) at super-high ratios as well as I would like (it distorts slightly), but for $200, it's pretty damn nice. It distorts bass guitar fairly easily, but rather than this being a design flaw, I believe it's because of the relatively quick compression it's able to do -- just ease off on the attack (or in some instances, play with the release) and you'll be fine. It sounds really good when compressing stereo mixes overall in SuperNice mode, although I usually don't compress my mixes, preferring to let a mastering engineer with far better equipment than I have compress this instead.



Ken/Eleven Shadows/d i t h er/nectar


music*travel photos*tibet*lots of stuff

"Sangsara" "Irian Jaya" & d i t h er CDs available!



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