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Avalon VT737SP


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Does anyone have an opinion on this mic preamp/compressor/eq unit? I am planning to buy one for home use, mainly for recording acoustic guitars and to beef up "modeled" bass. Thank you. Dan.
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And while you're waiting the week or two for the 'author' to submit their review...here's what I've found with it in the real world.


The mic amp is pretty cool. A little clean for alot of things, not as deep as might be expected from a 'toooob' device, but overall, a good, workable, day in day out useable item. The DI in it also works quite nicely, especially for the manipulation and alteration of synth/sampler based stuff.


I do a bit of 'trip-hop/trance' stuff with a friend, and we often tailor the 'compression side chains' as well as the EQ of the various loops we're laying to work well with each other...the 737, and especially the 747 work well in those applications. The 737 better for more radical affectations, the 747 for a 'glass' and alternative texture.


The equalizer is to die for. The equalizer alone is worth the price of admission. I've used it on damn near everything at one time or another, and haven't found an application where I could make it suck. It wasn't always the most appropriate tool for the job, or there were places I thought it could be better employed as the mix progressed, but on the whole, that equalizer is a thing of joy and beauty in my world.


The compressor on the other hand is a pretty hit or miss affair. The side chain capabilities are wonderful, the ability to chain the two mid bands by just hitting a switch is bloody convenient...however, in alot of applications I've found that the compressor will work great, or sound like shit. There is damn little middle ground with that one...and you'll know in about 4 seconds which way it's going to go.


So...as reviews go, like all of them, take that one with a big bag/grain of salt, and try it yourself, on your music and make up your own mind as to whether it is or isn't a useful tool to you.





Mercenary Audio http://www.mercenary.com


Mercenary Audio


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I think was about the nicest thing I have ever read from Fletcher about a piece of gear. No "sounds like monkey shit on a stick" comments or anything. This thing must be pretty good for that kind of treatment.
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