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I just got back from Wallmart.While waiting in line to pay ,Two youg girls about 9 or 10 with a big bag of popcorn were singing.Just let me hear some of that rock and roll music ,Any old way you choose it. It was not the Chuck Berry version. I just smilled and thought about a post here the other day asking if John Lennon will be remembered after the baby boomers, and this is NH where some people dont even have TVs yet.
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My kids, although their tastes are ultimately their own, have been raised listening to cool stuff. They're all quite familiar with The Beatles, and kinda funny, they can recognize which ones are which. Seems obvious to us, but they're in their teens.


Not only The Beatles, but other stuff. I was playing some John Lee Hooker on the stereo the other day and my 15 year old son came out mouthing the words to the song. Blew me away.


And in return, I try to be open-minded about the stuff they listen to, from N'Sync to Rage Against the Machine and whatnot. They've turned me on to a lot of cool stuff I might have missed too...sure, there's going to be stuff I don't like, but they feel the same about my music.

"Cisco Kid, was a friend of mine"
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