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HELP! Old country mystery...

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This is going to hard, I can't hum on here.


I heard an old country song. The main thing I can remember is ...


(Blue-sung like-)Bluuuuuuuuoeaooo (it is a real powerful female voice and it has a nice falseto thing at the "eao" portion of the word. (and then some words).


I could swear it is Patsy Cline, but I picked up a Best Of and a 2cd Collection, but the song isn't there. (It is some quality stuff, none-the-less).


Now this is an OLD song, something you would most likely hear on AM out in the middle of nowhere.



destructive workshops


Want to hear some of my stuff?


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I get the biggest kick out of reviews from "experts" saying that something like that is unoriginal. If you ask me, it's the new stuff that's unoriginal...the cookie-cutter "let's make another hit just like the other hit" stuff...
"Cisco Kid, was a friend of mine"
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