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Lining up loops with long files in ACID?

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I've seen you mention ACID quite a few times.


I've got PRO 2.0. I've also got about four or five of the SF sound libraries.

I'm a real novice at the program. I've attempted to load an entire audio track into it and then add sone various loops (sort of lamo-remix), but I don't understand how you the whole time thing works. The loops, of course, have tempo and key, but my track doesn't have this info. I'm at a loss for matching up loops to the audio track.


You posted the link to analogx.com. I noticed a little program for determining tempo. A tap type thing using the space bar. Would this program help?




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ACID isn't really intended to be used in the way you're using it. That long track needs to have metronomic tempo accuracy. Then, count the number of measures, and adjust the tempo so that the same number of measures lines up with the end of the file.


If you can do that and have all measures fall on measure boundaries, you're golden. At that point, you can add loops from Acid in the normal way (drag from the explorer into the track list) and paint the desired duration. If there's a slight tempo discrepency, though, you can always drag/copy a loop multiple times and snap it to the grid, so that it is essentially "re-triggered" at every measure (or however long your loop is). However, this doesn't allow for the painting technique that makes it so easy to throw remixes together.


If something about this isn't clear, post again and we'll go for the second approximation.

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Yeah, Yeah, I knew it would too hi-fi. I'm only in possession of the factory sound card that came with my computer, so http://www.musicplayer.com/ubb/tongue.gif


I figured this was the case, Mr. Anderton. So, my better bet would be to sample sections from the premixed tracks.


What other companies make cool loops that would be easily acidized? Any that have tempo and key designation?

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>>I think Mr. Anderton has the ability to change thread titles! <<


Yes, I just got the power yesterday...there have been some good topics that didn't get a response because people didn't know what it was about.


As to other sources of files, any disc with WAV samples does the job. Acidizing is not that big a deal. First, tempo doesn't really matter, because ACID will mess with it anyway. As to key, just play the WAV and determine what key it's in. Select that key in the properties section where it asks what to base transposition on. It's very rare that you need to actually go and tweak where ACID detects the transients it uses to perform tempo stretching.


As to WAVs, I'm very partial to the sample CDs from Wizoo and Ilio -- all their products are to a very high standard. If you have a digital audio editor that can convert audio tracks to WAV, you're in even better shape...

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