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Warning: Those doohickies will trash your signal!

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Those little bastards that you can use to mate two rca cords. The little ones with female on both ends. I was using them because my cd player is too far from my four track. Well, I determined that these little shits were causing a serious degradation in my signal quality.


I'm not sure if it is because they are cheap or if it does something bad to the ground. Hmm...

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Dr. D.,


ANY connector will ALWAYS degrade your signal.


A High-Z, RCA connector, just happens to be an EXTREMELY terrible connection to make, anyway.


Not to mention extending the length of unbalanced High Impedance cables.


Keep them short, with NO unnecessary adapters/connectors, whenever possible.




Bob Buontempo.




Also Hanging at: http://recpit.prosoundweb.com

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Part of the problem is when you have two dissimilar metals in contact, and pass a current through them. This can actually create small crystalline structures, which are actually miniature diodes. These diodes are like little crystal radios, which often promotes RF interference.


I ran into this problem once when an OB-8 didn't work. The filter chip had a different metal on the pins than the socket, and there were this little metallic threads that had grown around the pins and shorted things out. I removed the IC, scraped off the metal, and all was well.

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Two more pieces of connector trivia...


Gold make a good connector material because it is so malleable. The metal actually "Squishes" into shape, thus making better contact.


Contact enhancers like Tweek can greatly increase conductivity and improve the integrity of patch connections.

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