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Power Management Software

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I just purchased an Uninterruptable Power Supply for my computer made by a company called CyberPower. In addition to supplying power if there is an outage, it comes with a serial port connection and software that you can install that will monitor the UPS and can automatically save any open files and safely shut down the computer if you are away when the power goes off. Does anyone know if running this program will put a load on my CPU and reduce the number of plugins etc. I can use. I don't think I really need this software, I'm just wondering if anyone has experience with it or anything like it. If it matters, I'm using Pro ToolsLE/ Digi001 on a PIII 800Mhz dual ATA66 hard drive 256MB RAM. Thanks for your time.


Jeremy Smith

Madison, WI

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With anything computer-related, the less junk on your hard drive, the better. I have a UPS (one of the essential purchases for a modern studio, I believe!) and can see the value of this type of software if your computers do tasks around the clock. But I'm usually at the computer, so if the power goes out for an extended period of time, I just close things down myself.
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