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POD in effects loop?

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Anyone tried to use the Line6 POD in an effects loop? I have a Mackie 1202VLZ Pro and was getting some pretty weird results when trying this. Probably an obvious one but hey, what do I know, I'm just a guitarist! http://www.musicplayer.com/ubb/wink.gif


What I'd ultimately like to do is record parts dry in Digital Performer and add the POD processing later. Anyone else doing this?


Thanks for any help.

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I haven't tried that myself, but I would think that the level mis-match between an insert or aux output (line level) and the POD input (high-impedance instrument level) as well as the POD output (high-impedance instrument level) to the line level inputs of an insert would change the sound - if not make it seriously distorted, lossy, or something.


Have you tried an a/b test using a POD preset with recording it direct and then trying it as an insert. I can't imagine that it would sound the same - but I'm certainly willing to be wrong about this.


I thought you had to use something like "reamp" or other impedance matching device to do this.



Larry W.


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Larry W.
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