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Year 2000 Stand Alone Sampler Conversion Software That Compares To Alchemy.

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Craig, & Peeps,


What software program is "Best" that can be used to transfer audio samples between say

a Yamaha/A5000, and a Ensoniq/ASR X, or

between an Akai/MPC2000XL, and a Emu E4K, or

the venerable Hip-Hop classic Emu SP1200?

I'm looking for something that can convert

samples that keeps their start/end/loop

points in place across multiple platforms.

Alchemy did this but, to my knowledge it has been discontinued awhile ago.




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I second the Rubber Chicken reference, although it won't do SP-12 -- just the samplers from the Emu line. But it handles Yamaha, Akai, Creamware, Digi SampleCell, Roland, Kurzweil, etc. etc. You may need to use multiple programs to do the really weird translations, e.g., translate from one format to Akai, then translate Akai to another format with a different program.


BTW Translator works on PC or Mac. And I miss Alchemy, too!

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