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What VTR Should I buy - Please Help!!

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I'm hoping you knowledgeable foks out there can help me with my dillemma - I have been working on audio production for vision for quite some time but I now have to get some sort of vision deck for my ProTools MIX facility. I will be generally seeking work for television episodic/advertising/corporate work, and it seems every one of those fields requires a different medium to be used - whether it be SP 2track, SP 4 track, digital SP, DVC etc etc etc.


I have a DLV setup so I can capture and work from any format. I also already have a da88 so I can return a synchronized digital multitrack format, however I would imagine a greater portion of my work would require me to re-insert the audio back on to the original format - and there ain't no way I can afford to buy all the formats (especially at the moment with so much emerging technology).


Whats the general feel out there? Should I just buy a SP playback deck for general compatibility and return work on DA-88 (or timecode dat if necessary), or should I at least have a stereo recorder. It seems that for the price of a recorder, I could get a SP playback deck and a DVC playback deck - is that a better option?


By the way, I am in Australia, so local and international feedback would be appreciated.

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Try checking out www.videography.com, they might be able to help. I think my forum is more the kind of place where someone would ask what audio deck would go best with an existing video system. Good luck!!
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posted 07-04-2000 10:47 AM


I'm in about the same situation.

ProTools TVpost set in this room and no VCR.

I mix to TC-DAT and make a transfer outdoors because i can't afford a DIGI-BETA. When i feel i bring too much money to the posthouse with all those video formats of which i only use one, i'll start thinking of buying that peticular format. The counterside of this is that my clients can't bring in a tape and walk out the same day with the tape. But that is not the kind of work i would like to do all the time. Also loading extra material from the source tapes can be a bit of a hassle, but, as we both know, we cannot buy all video standards.

Fokke van Saane The Netherlands. (not quite local for you...)

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