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Anybody familiar with Samplitude 24/96?

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if you have access to an audio system with dolby prologic and surround speakers, try burning a 2-channel surround CD - really easy and, if nothing else, a neat trick to show your friends. it'll play back on stereo also.


it'll do dolby digital 5.1 too, but you need some encoder software - i think they have a demo version on their web (A-PAC) and I thought I read they were going to add that to the product. for playback of this type od CD, you need a CD player with digital out a dolby digital receiver.

Steve Powell - Bull Moon Digital


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Originally posted by punksinatra@yahoo.com:

Does anybody have experience with Samplitude 2496? I've just started using it and so far it's cool, but I still have lots to learn. Any advice/warnings?


I just recently bought Craig Anderton's book "Home Recording for Musicians" and it is proving to be a MASSIVE boon to my cause.




I haven't used the 2496 version, but I thought previous versions were very good. (I even reviewed it for EQ.) I feel Samplitude is a very underrated program in the US, possibly because of its rather obtuse icons, the manual's opaqueness (apparently they have a better manual now), and the fact that it has - surprise! - a learning curve if you want to get the most out of it. The VIP concept is very cool (RAM recording, basically), and the program is indeed deep. It was clearly written by tweakhead engineers who wanted lots of cool features, not marketing people who were concerned about ease of use. I don't think you'll regret your choice; there are many great programs out there, and you probably would be equally happy with other programs. But Samplitude does have a cool vibe and smooth audio engine, so if it works for you, I think it will take quite a while before you run out of things to do with it.

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There are SO many things that can go wrong when burning CDs. It sounds like you've found one of them...could be SCSI, could be anything. First step is to look for updates of anything involved with the burning process - the SCSI ASPI layer, the program itself, etc.


Next, defragment your hard disk. I've had situations where that made the difference between a successful and unsuccessful burn.


Also, if there are other CD burning programs on your computer, uninstall them. Even then, they may leave behind "ghost" registry entries or files that screw things up. I used a Creative Labs CD-RW drive once whose bundled software refused to work until I de-installed Sonic Foundry's CD Architect (because I use CD Architect, I got rid of the Creative Labs drive and bought an HP instead, which works find with CD Architect, but not with Adaptec's CD burning programs...I'm still tracking that one down).


Also try creating a CD image instead of burning on the fly and see if that helps. The computer doesn't have to work as hard.


Finally, write down the error messages you receive and contact Samplitude's tech support. It may be something incredibly simple that they can identify in a couple of minutes. Error messages may look cryptic, but often tech support people find them very helpful.

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(Does anybody have experience with Samplitude 2496? I've just started using it and

so far it's cool, but I still have lots to learn. Any advice/warnings?)

Samplitude is indeed very cool I havent used it as much as i would like jus havent had time but ive spent some time with it and its a deep program. I will be using it in place of Sound Forge to edit and tweak an upcoming recording project.


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