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It's probably a long shot, but can anyone tell me how well their midi violin works for them? I'm trying to improve my orchestral strings emulation, and I since I play a little violin, maybe playing my string samples using a real string instrument would help. I'm not sure if the new ZETA synthony II is out yet for the analog to midi conversion, but maybe there are others? These things aren't cheap so hopefully I can get more info. Thanks (for the remote chance of a reply).
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From my limited experience, I found that regardless of the input device, the samples are still somewhat static sounding. I haven't seen the new Zeta midi converter you mentioned, but when I played with the original one, it was too glitchy to do anything "authentic" sounding anyway - It didn't allow for many playing techniques - I'm sure they've improved it drastically with this new model. It seems that they should develop a system like the Roland GR-1 with a built-in synthesizer and a proprietary pickup which tracks so well because there is no midi conversion involved...


I use the Roland Orchestral and Orchestral II sound cards and can do reasonably convincing arrangements, but it takes a lot of time. I find it's primarily the solo instruments that don't work so well. Solo brass and woodwinds work alright if you write parts that hide the samples' weaknesses. Unfortunately, solo string samples are hideous - probably why you are investigating midi - I just play my violin live and rent a cello for solo cello bits. It's not too difficult of a transition. Bass samples can work pretty well.


An interesting tidbit - The horn solo on Don Henley's "End of the Innocence" was a sampler. Pretty amazing - I read about it in an old keyboard magazine. Maybe that's where a sampler and those big$$$ sample libraries come in...


I hope any of this helps.



Demian Norvell

AppleSeed Studios

Ruch, OR

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