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While going through these Forums, I found a lot of informative posts/content, which got me to thinking:


I'd like to know, where do you most of you get your education... On a new piece of equipment, new recording concepts, new releases of software/firmware, etc...


Just maintaining 'updated' versions of gear is a full-time job itself. How do you go about this? Do you have to spend countless hours on manufacturer's websites to find out what's going on? I find this to be tedious and often unproductive.


For instance, I have a Line6 Pod, and I noticed they recently released the POD 2.0. When I checked their website to find out the differences, and if I 'must have' the upgrade information, I couldn't find any listing about what the 2.0 has the regular POD doesn't... Frustrating.


Anyway, I'd like to know what others think the best way of maintaining a good working relationship with their equipment, without sacrificing all their time is.

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Very good topic. The update thing is a pain in the butt. If you use Windows, get the GoBack software - that way you can install betas, updates, whatever with impunity, knowing that if they trash your system you can get back to square 1.


I have several ways of dealing with the bleeding edge aspect.


If I'm not having problems, I don't go out of my way to look for new drivers and such.


Periodically, I will go check for program updates and download them. I do this about every six months. If manufacturers want to get people to send in warranties, they should offer to send email notification when updates are introduced if you register your purchase.


You have to be careful not to try to use too many programs, because it's like trying to play and use 24 guitars -- you'll spend so much time changing strings you won't have a chance to actually play them.


But the main thing is, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. You are not legally or morally obligated to "keep up with the Joneses." Concentrate on making music, and if you run into problems, then think about updating.


As to learning gear functions...that's a topic for a separate post.

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