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Making an Akai CD-ROM

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Does anyone have any experience at making a CD-ROM of Akai program and sample material?


What is the procedure for capturing the program and sample material from the Akai and burning it onto a CD-ROM???


Thanks all!

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which AKAI are you referring to? i got a S2000 sampler with the SCSI hooked into my MAC and the program info gets garbled upon upload to the machine using their MESA software. akai will not respond to this problem. ive thought about hooking up a hard drive but i have the same dilemma, how do i get the programs and samples to the hard drive???



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This project will require the use of the S2000 along with Mesa. I have the S3000 and have not had any troubles with the Mesa software. Although, I've not used it that much.


Is the Mesa software the vital link in 'capturing' the program data from the sampler and then preserving it on a computer HD for

burning of a CD-ROM??

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