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The Kolios Project

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Hello all, I'm in a band called The Kolios Project, and we work together solely over the internet by swapping files back and forth. I wanted to see if there's anybody on this forum that would be interested in contributing to our project. We play sort of progressive metal in the vein of Cynic, Aghora, and Dream Theater. Right now we are all instrumental, but only because we haven't found a vocalist, so if you're a singer, please check out our stuff. The address is http://www.koliosproject.com


On a more specific note, I'm looking for someone to record a quote for the end of a song on our forthcoming demo. If anyone wants to record themselves saying it and send it to me, you can send submissions to koliosproject@gmail.com


The quote is:

"Slow as sheep they moved, tranquil, impassable, filling the passages, contemplating the fretful hurrying of those in urban shirts and collars with the large, mild inscrutability of cattle or of gods, functioning outside of time, having left time lying upon the slow and imponderable land green with corn and cotton in the yellow afternoon."

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Cool...a "virtual band". I really like your music...I'm a big fan of Dream Theatre, Rush, Fates Warning (not familiar with the other two but I'll check 'em out).

Old bass players never die, they just buy lighter rigs.

- Tom Capasso, 11/9/2006


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