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Just popped into my head from reading the FOF web renewal thread.


So if we set a deadline, and something is missing, who decides how to make up the difference?


For instance, if I'm working on something as producer and the deadline comes with no bass track, now I play/create/find bass? I wouldn't mind doing so, but I wouldn't want to step on toes.


Each project needs a benevolent dictator like me :evil::D Or that Holloway guy...

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Where's your patience! :D


I do understand the frustration with deadlines. My take on it is that after the Tsunami everyone got very excited about helping out, particularly after seeing the excellent result of the first song - but then once everyone started going back to work during January it fell down the list of priorities. It's unfortunate, frustrating and also human nature....


That of course doesn't mean new things shouldn't be started or old things completed. I personally believe we can still get a CD worth of material in the shorter term.

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