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Got some time to kill?

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Got some time to kill?


I got a song screaming for some depressive vocals, no singing, more like talking.


Its probaby not going anywhere with this song so all you can get out of this

is the pleasure of having participated in this great innovating and very

depressing venture


Anybody who wants to give it a try please feel free and email me your

recorded vocals when finished (email to rodycoronel@gmail.com) so I can mix

them into song. When finished I will put the song online somewhere for you to



All stuff you need (lyrics, sample song with vocals, song without vocals)

is right here:



I've got already one person doing this and will post that version later, for now

there is only one finished version available and that is my own one which is

very bad to say the least (check http://www.rodycoronel.com/weekend/ )


Anyway, got a mic and too much spare time? go for it!

12"/45 RPM Vinyl Release:

STRINGS in TRANCE by Minister


Now Available and Shipping World Wide!


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